Brittanii Lyons is a senior student at Wayne State University, with a major in Journalism – Print and Online. Lyons has aspirations that stretch across the many sectors of the communications field, but aims for a career in corporate communications.

Lyons enthusiastic about strategizing two-way messages in which both the company, and its consumer benefit authentically. Lyons hopes to work with a major corporation to optimize messaging, pitches, and communications to diverse markets, as she aims to take a career in public relations post-graduation. With a niche for community relations, Lyons capitalizes on her capability to strategically message across multicultural barriers.

A writer at heart, Brittanii hopes to elevate her writing skills not only in corporate America, but in freelance work as well. Lyons enjoys writing cultural commentary, thought opinion pieces,  and beauty, fashion and lifestyle trend pieces.

Lyons also plans to eventually contribute to business focused publications like Forbes and Fortune, highlighting the impact of individuals, brands, businesses and influencers that are breaking barriers in their respective fields.